Multi Room Audio Player 5.1
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Multi Room Audio Player 5.1

Multi Room Audio Player is a professional audio streaming software
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9.8 MB

A simple yet functional audio player that allows you to set-up 'zones' around your commercial venue or home to play different or the same playlists throughout and have the advantage of individual volume and equalization controls.

This program can utilize every available channel from any installed sound card or device. For example, a 7.1 channel sound card will give you the ability to setup up to 8 zones, or having two 5.1 channel sound cards will give you up to 12 zones. Your devices, however, do have to have the ability to send each channel to a separate speaker set, i.e., have more than just one 3.5mm headphone jack.

In-built is a versatile database builder with the handy 'verify' function of removing any files no longer available to the player, keeping it easily up to date. A variety of files formats can be used, including MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and APE. The database has filter options for every data field making it easy to handle a large number of files. In addition, each data field is editable, making the consistency in description of your files much more easily manageable.

The program enables you to create and save playlists from the database via manual selection or via the playlist generator. There are features such as choosing number of tracks or total time length of playlist, which make for quick and easy generation of random playlists that suit your requirements. You can also create playlists from larger playlists, making it easy to keep genres separated when generating random playlists - This is very useful when attempting to create particular atmospheres throughout zones, i.e. Create a playlist of all your 'chill' audio files, then generate a 1-hour 'Chill Playlist'.

Very useful for the commercial venue, the application allows you to program 'ads' or 'jingles' to play at certain intervals throughout playlists. You can customize this function to only play in between songs or to have music fade out; let the jingle play and then fade back in again. You can also assign 'Hotkeys' to 'Jingles' making it easy to play them at any time.

Overall this is an easy-to-use and rather intuitive program for the complete home audio setup or a great solution for the more simple commercial requirements such as cafes, bars, and even retail stores.

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  • Versatile playlist generator
  • 30 minute trial version to see if it suits your needs
  • Personal or Commercial license options


  • Not able to select whole sound card making it unable to manage two completely surround sound zones
  • Russian and German language selections do not completely work


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